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Finnish GMO free organic

Whole grain Oats

grown under the midnight sun

Our delicious aBerry drinks have a surprising ingredient – oats! We combine our organic oat flour into our drinks to give you comprehensive health and energy without compromising the deliciously berry and honey flavours.

When we designed our drinks, we couldn’t resist finding a way to include Finnish organic whole grain oats. So we created with a patented flour which adds so much healthy nutrition, that our drinks became real super foods.

Why are our hand selected oats so good? The long Finnish summer days mean that our organic Finnish oats get the maximum benefit from the cool yet sunny growing season, they grow fast and pack in the goodness from the clean arctic soil. The quality of the oat grain is unsurpassed, with large grains offering the maximum in food value.

Finland is a proudly GMO free country, and our oats are grown in a chemical free environment.

aBerry drinks are a wonderful way to add health giving organic oats to your diet without having to eat stodgy cereal. Refreshing and delicious, the combination of berries, honey and oats creates a drink which will fill you with life and energy and give your health a real boost.

Above all, when we created our drinks, we wanted them to be delicious, so that you’d be delighted to include them in your healthy diet, day after day. It’s the best of both worlds with aBerry - a wonderfully refreshing and flavorful drink that boosts your health and fitness too.

Everything from oats and a bit more...

Functional and health ingredients

Polar Glucan is a co-partner in product development and cereal technology.

Finnish forest grown, organic


from the purest nature

Do you know the difference between organic bilberry and blueberry?

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Sweetened with organic


made by wild & free bees

Organic bee honey has higher health value than the cultivated bee honey produced by normal bee honey farmers.

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Low glycemic response

Low Glycemic response is another remarkable high advantage of the aBerry organic super food drink.

Today’s rising trend is people want food and beverages with low glycemic index to prevent obesity and diabetes. aBerry drinks has that low glycemic index to help keep hunger away and upkeep longer time energetic level. aBerry could be recommend as a substitute for dietary or weight loss program.

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