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Sweetened with organic


made by wild & free bees

When you drink aBerry, you know that you are giving your body nothing but the very finest and purest organic foods from Finland.

So where does the delicious sweetness come from? From the very cleanest and most natural honey in the world – organic Finnish honey of course. The honey in aBerry is made by bees who live far away from any sources of human pollution. They sip nectar from the wild flowers of the forest, and take it back to hives which are at least six kilometers from roads, houses, factories and any sign of human habitation and pollution.

Only a limited amount of this precious honey is available each year, and its production is strictly controlled by the European Food Safety Authority.

Whereas white sugar is a poison for the human body, honey is a magnificent food. For tens of thousands of years, human beings have eaten honey for its health giving properties and of course, for its delicious sweetness and flavour.

Natural wild honey is so much better that cultivated honey. Cultivated honey bees may be fed on sugar, whereas wild bees are just that – wild, living on the flowers of the fields and the forest. It has been said that bees are so important to the world, that if they died out, our world itself would die within four years, as no crops could be pollinated. We treasure our bees, and bring their finest product to you as part of our energy and good tasting aBerry super food drinks.

Imagine drinking in all the goodness and beauty of wild flowers, combined with berries and oats into a delicately sweet drink – that’s our Finnish organic honey infused aBerry.


Organic Super Food drinks has no added white sugar nor artificial sweeteners.

Finnish forest grown, organic


from the purest nature

Do you know the difference between organic bilberry and blueberry?

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Finnish GMO free organic

Whole grain Oats

grown under the midnight sun

aBerry uses only Finnish grown organic GMO free whole grain oats.

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Low glycemic response

Low Glycemic response is another remarkable high advantage of the aBerry organic super food drink.

Today’s rising trend is people want food and beverages with low glycemic index to prevent obesity and diabetes. aBerry drinks has that low glycemic index to help keep hunger away and upkeep longer time energetic level. aBerry could be recommend as a substitute for dietary or weight loss program.

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