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Low glycemic response

aBerry drinks are simply refreshing and energy giving. They also pack a powerful secret punch – they will help improve your glycemic response.

If you are trying to lose weight or become healthier in general, then you have probably heard about glycemic response. It simply means the way that your body responds to the ingestion of carbohydrates. What you want to avoid is a sharp and sustained rise in your blood glucose and insulin levels after you have eaten. This is damaging to the body, leading to the buildup of fat around the organs, and it can also lead to conditions such as stubborn weight gain and even to type 2 diabetes.

When we designed aBerry drinks, we decided to combine organic berries, oats and honey in such a way as to make them thoroughly delicious, but also to ensure that the nutrition they delivered resulted in a low glycemic response. In fact, our studies show that this combination produced a lower glycemic response than eating oatmeal porridge alone – up to an astonishing 50% lower. Yet at the same time, aBerry drinks deliver all the health benefits of honey and berries with their natural vitamins and minerals, as well of course as the known heart protecting benefits of oatmeal.

So when you drink aBerry drinks, your body absorbs the carbs very slowly, meaning that they are not stored as unwanted fat, but are used up naturally to give you energy. We are proud to be able to make this contribution to the health of people enjoying aBerry drinks and we’re working on still more exciting ideas for future products.