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Aberry Ltd

Aberry Ltd is a European Union certified organic food and beverage manufacturing company from Finland.

Company is spending resources for developing, producing and marketing of healthy organic products using mainly Finnish and also European EFSRA monitored natural organic ingredients.

Aberry is highly considering the environment protection issues and allows customers to know the real story of main ingredients and the manufacturing process from the nature to the consumer.

The moment you have an aBerry product on your hand, you don´t have to worry about health issues or environmental footprint, you can just enjoy your aBerry product with a good conscience - in fact, the aBerry product will do you a lot of good.

aBerry Organic Super Food Drink has got Heart association’s recognition and recommendation as heart friendly product.

aBerry drink refrain from any high quantities of harmful substances and therefore has none exceeding limits of any sugars, fat or salt, those highly concerned as having negative effect to heart health.

Aberry is constantly developing new interesting products, which we will be launching in near future.