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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where the product can be bought?

At Capital area from K-ruoka and Prisma shops and also from the Helsinki city center Stockmann. At Turku from K-Supermarket Manhattan.

Can this product be warmed?

If you want to, yes.

Can this product be mixed to something else, like muesli or smoothie?

Yes, let your imagination be the limit. More suitable with sweet than salty.

You can also try to mix the procudt with porridge (with or without milk), cereals, muesli, smoothie or pudding.

aBerry doesn't have any preservatives, it's all organice, so if you plan to store the food where you mix aBerry for a long time you should be cautious.

Try and tell us about your experiences.

Is this product available online?

Not yes, but when it will be we will inform about it on our site.

Do you sell outside Finland?

We are starting to export to China, Saudi Arabia, Germany and United Arab Emirates.

For who/What kind of allergies this product is not suitable?

The product is not recommended for persons who must have absolute 100 % gluten free diet.

The product has been measured to have 7,5 mg of gluten per 1000 g.

(The limit for gluten free product is 20 mg per 1000 g.)

Can a person who is pregnant enjoy this product?

Yes, unless your doctor has prohibited any of the ingredients in the product.

Can the product be frozen?

No, freezing the product will spoil it.

Do you have any new product coming out?

Yes, in the fall of 2017, there will be two new tastes, oat-lingonberry-honey and oat-cranberry-honey.