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made in finland

aBerry Organic Super Food Drink is an exciting new way to refresh your body. Each aBerry drink contains whole grain oats nutritional value equal to 8 spoonfuls of oatmeal, cold pressed natural juice of 200 wild bilberries and fresh-from-the-comb organic honey. Not just a tasty drink, aBerry gives you long lasting energy from a marvelous formula of organic nutrients which will go zinging through your body - and this is just the beginning.

Main features

Rich in antioxidants from bilberry
Fat free
Sweetened with organic honey
No preservatives or additives
Gluten free
Lactose free
Organic is GMO free
aBerry Organic Super Food Drink has been created for the people who care about the story of their food from the nature to their table.

Finnish forest grown, organic


from the purest nature

aBerry drinks are fortified with Nordic organic bilberries from Finland, which grows naturally in the forest where they have the best soil and arctic climate to create vitamin rich bilberries under the midnight sun.

Do you know the difference between organic bilberry and blueberry?

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Finnish GMO free organic

Whole grain Oats

grown under the midnight sun

Finnish Oats is known as the best oats in the world, because of Finland’s superior climate for the cultivation. We have cool climate, clean soil and air, extra long sunshine thanks to the midnight sun during days on short growing season. Perfect climate combined with first class cultivation techniques and right cultivars produce top quality oats, in terms of weight, kernel size and nutrition.

aBerry uses only Finnish grown organic GMO free whole grain oats.

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Sweetened with organic


made by wild & free bees

Bee honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water, and it's the only food that contains "pinocembrin", an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning.

Organic bee honey has higher health value than the cultivated bee honey produced by normal bee honey farmers.

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Ingredients & nutrition


Bilberry juice*
22 %
5 %
Whole grain oats*
3,5 %
0,1 %


100 g
250 ml
Energy, kJ/kcal
0,3 g
0,8 g
from which saturated
< 0,1 g
< 0,3 g
11,8 g
29,5 g
from which sugars
5,8 g
14,5 g
0,6 g
1,5 g
Dietary fiber
0,5 g
1,3 g
0,1 g
0,25 g


0 g


100 g
250 ml
from bilberry, TE μmol

Low glycemic response

Low Glycemic response is another remarkable high advantage of the aBerry organic super food drink.

Today’s rising trend is people want food and beverages with low glycemic index to prevent obesity and diabetes. aBerry drinks has that low glycemic index to help keep hunger away and upkeep longer time energetic level. aBerry could be recommend as a substitute for dietary or weight loss program.

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All the way

Clean and pure

from nature to the customer

Landscape of the middle Finland clean nature, offered best possible comfortable environment to produce and packed aBerry organic super food drinks with world leading aseptic packaging technology into Tetra Pak cans.

The Factory location and advanced high technology is uncompromisingly part of our food story “from nature to the table” enabling us to offer clean and purity organic super food drink for fulfil our customer’s satisfaction.

One of the key issues is of course location. aBerry wanted to ensure that they have the minimum of food miles between the source of their main ingredients – berries, oats and honey – and the factory itself. They use the finest local organic ingredients and employ local people.

This is a factory which combines the best of modern technology with a human dimension and green philosophy.